Monday, January 22, 2007

World Religions course online

For World Religions students -- I've built a simple web front page for the course. Visit this link and you should find everything you need ... at least, ideally. I'm still working on it.
Other updates:

  • There's a new page online at the wiki with some notes on last week's discussion.
  • I put the course calendar online as well. You can use this to check upcoming assignments. I'll keep it updated.
  • Did you miss a handout? They're all archived here.
  • Or ... you know you got an email from me, but you can't find it? Those are archived here. This might not work perfectly -- I'm not sure yet -- but it seems like it might be convenient.
Enjoy. Don't forget, you can edit any of the wiki pages as you see fit. The password is "gobears." Don't tell anyone.

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